Local Spotlight: Portal Frame ‘Sharing Air’

Portal Frame is killing it out in Texas with their melding of alt and post-hardcore. Their latest release Sharing Air came out sometime in 2016 and it needs your attention!

“Let Your Hands Go,” doesn’t waste any time pulling in your attention, with tasty licks on the guitar that balance nicely with the vocal melodies of Austin, while dancing leads take the spotlight sporadically. Tight drum rhythms drive the track forward and add differently depths between alt-rock simplicities and post-hardcore intricacies.

Title track “Sharing Air,” comes with a more atmospheric approach and driven rhythms/leads. Their catchy choruses are contrasted with bluesy solos that soar the basslines. Their approaches to arrangements aren’t mold-shattering, but the tried and true format really lets their transitions shine as they slide effortlessly through bridges, choruses and melodic segments.

Breaking out the technicals, “ANY,” offers a very intricate drum approach that adds so much dimension to the verses of the song. The free wandering basslines act as much as a lead as they do a rhythm, perfectly placed between the delayed guitar parts.

Stealing the show is the incredibly fun lead riff in “Captives,” which doesn’t seem to stop moving. There is a wonderful vocal quality in the way the guitar takes over the eye of the song and just keeps the flow moving. Portal Frame really does nails the messier parts, which is trickier than people think. Their perfect execution sets them apart from other acts that try to capture the elements of post-rock and indie and filtering them through alternative rock ideologies.

Portal Frame is on the path to bigger, better things and I urge you to get in on the ground floor so you can tell your friends (in a snooty hipster voice) that you heard them first. Head to portalframe.bandcamp.com and snag their EP Shared Air for just five bucks.

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