EXCLUSIVE STREAM: South Florida Natives The Anchor Collective New Album ‘Atlas’

The Anchor In a local climate, dominated punk and hardcore, South Florida’s The Anchor Collective has maintained a spiritually charged approach toward their indie rock sound. With their album Atlas, set to be release 3/10,  there is much to discuss.

Their album opens with an enthusiastic clapping that provides the rhythmic backing for the angelic voice of Lizette, who pulls us in quickly. Shimmering guitars create a splendid air around the group-styled choral approach that adds a wholesome and relaxed feel toward the otherwise medium-paced track.

Embracing dozens of influences, you can hear bits and pieces from notable acts that span the last decade and a half of both indie and rock n’ roll. A darker toned “The Storm, The Sleeper,” offers swelling guitar solos, haunting vocal melodies shared by both Lizette and Adrian as well as a charming usage of sleigh bells. Distant vocal layering adds depth to the overture of the track, reminiscent of other contemporary folk groups, Of Monsters and Men and others.

Infusing some blues ideas into the mix, “Paper Crowns,” starts a slower tempo jam that urges the swaying of the body and tapping of the foot with little coaxing. Opening to the ballad this album deserves, there Is something extremely rich about the way this group comes together to create a singular voice musically. Every part finds their perfect place, embellishing appropriately during their own shining moments.

Each track takes its own approach toward competition, this is no copy-paste method. Rather, this group allows each song to establish its own identity, shaping in its opening notes. “Pocketknife,” carries itself a mellow moving slice of bliss that offers minor riffs underneath the folksy voice of Adrian as the track briefly explodes into a well weighted guitar solo.

“Lionheart,” picks up the pace with its driving rhythm and involved percussive beats. There is no shortage of their established vocal dynamic as the main duo captures the chorus. Plain spoken vocals drenched in gain thrown from the forefront of the track starts to build dimension, which is further expanded with the huge instrumental bridge that carries across to another lowkey pulsing of the toms underneath the chorus which gives way to the reverby outro of the guitars.

“Though we may wander, still we will follow. No turning back.”

The Anchor Collective never forgets who they are or what their goal is in their pursuit of music. They are very clear about their spiritual influence and are open about how they view their music, as a form a prayer. What they are able to do with their influence though, which is seemingly rare, is not be forceful about it. They do not work in extremely specific religious imagery, but instead operate with ambiguity lyrically that people that may not view faith in the same can still enjoy and find a gentleness in their music. Without mincing words, The Anchor Collective can easily be one of the best Spiritual bands out there right now, and hopefully propel themselves into a larger spotlight so they can share their wonderfully crafted music with the world.

Pick up a copy of their new album, Atlas, out on 3/10/17.

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