Review: Night Argent – The Fear EP


It’s almost time for Night Argent to release their 6-song sophomore ep, The Fear, and it’s everything we hoped it would be. With the band’s already inspirational anthem rock sound, Night Argent has achieved a whole new level power rock awesomeness.

The album kicks off with “Mannequin”, which was released as a single earlier this month with an accompanying and appropriately haunting music video. Night Argent proves that they are first and foremost story tellers. With a careful balance of calming ambient guitars, heavy epic drums, and emotionally revealing lyrics this fitting opening to the album is as melancholy as it is triumphant.

The second single released off The Fear, serves a very satisfying change in tone with inspirational intensity. Staying true to their anthem rock nature, “Dreamcatcher” pairs heavy guitars with uplifting and unifying lyrics that you can just see crowds of thousands, including yourself, screaming along to.

“Heartbreak” is a story about connection told through infectious guitar rhythms that demonstrate a more danceable side of Night Argent.  This song further illustrates Night Argent’s amazing ability to diversify while maintaining their powerful emotional effect.

The album’s title song, “The Fear”, is the epitome of what Night Argent is all about. With inspirational lyrics about looking past fear to achieve what you once thought was impossible, this band continues to inspire us to fight for what we believe in. “The Fear” establishes the band’s ability to create radio friendly alternative rock that stays true to a message.

“Immortalized” adds a romantic twist to the album, sharing the all-time most relatable story of undying love. The addition of group vocals at the end of the song reinforce the feeling of community that Night Argent continuously create for their fans.

Closing the album is a call to action in the form of “Dream of the Ocean”. The very appropriately named song is a very soft and dreamlike end to a very powerful album. We are adamantly reminded of the band’s effortless inspirational nature as the album ends on a note of motivation and perseverance.  

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