Review: Daisyhead “I’ve Been Better,” Out November 30th


Daisyhead has been a modern rock staple for me-as well as many other people- for the past four years. Consistently treading a fine line between emo and grunge, boasting despondent lyrics with catchy, upbeat melodies that anyone could find commonalities with. So it came as a shock when they decided to announce somewhat of a hiatus back in April; understandable and necessary, but still shocking. Whenever this happens in today’s modern music scene, I rarely expect anyone to make a comeback-due to how difficult it is to survive as a musician. Luckily, this “hiatus” didn’t last very long as the Tennessee group is geared to release their fifth album—I’ve Been Better—on November 30th.


I started listening to Daisyhead right after their first full length album, The Smallest Light, came out in 2015. They were right on track with the new wave of slightly heavier emo/rock bands breaking through to more listeners that were demanding more of this sound. It’s droning (in the best way possible), spacey, and yet very catchy. This was followed up two years later with the—I think—genius In Case You Missed It and, shortly after, Purple & Blue. Both fantastically engaging albums that took their genre to the next level.


Throughout each of their previous albums they kept the same intensity, drive, and core sounds, yet always slightly changed something to keep listeners engaged: whether it was melodies, riffs, tones, or song structures. They definitely continued this trend with I’ve Been Better. Although a very short EP, it is one that packs a punch full of raw emotion. It has the same straightforward punk song structures, but slightly more technical riff patterns and brighter tones.


The EP opens with a song called “Cool Kids Table”: one that starts with more of a post hardcore/punk vibe; a technical rhythm guitar riff pattern with multiple palm muting techniques, and a wide, epic sounding lead riff that hammers on and pulls off like there’s no tomorrow. All of it is very large, demanding, and in your face rock. It soon mellows out with a bit of twang in the guitar and a vocal melody that seamlessly floats in and out, immediately falling into a catchy, four-chord chorus and then back into the original intro without missing a beat. The song wraps up with a mathy/hard rock style “breakdown” followed by multiple versions of the chorus and post-chorus. Everything about this song is beautiful, open, and free. It perfectly captures the dichotomy between tension and weightlessness at the same time.


The second, and last, song is their latest single “Making Me Feel Safe”. This one goes in an opposite direction from the first track, in that it’s more indie-punk with a touch of pop thrown in. It has much brighter tones that almost glide past your ears. The vocal melodies seem to have a pop influence, while the guitar riffs are spacey and noodley at times with a 90s alternative feel. Eventually this song erupts into a massive barrage of emotional sounds that will consume your thoughts and make the hairs on your body stand straight up.


Make sure to check out this EP on Friday. It’s going to leave you wanting much more, but it’s a sonic experience that you won’t want to miss.



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