Review: Boston Marriage “Know You Were”


Haunting, reverberated guitars lay the scene, lulling the listener into the new Boston Marriage song “Know You Were.” Pitch perfect harmonies push you into the clouds, left to float among the voices of Kris and Melissa while the steady beat keeps you firmly grounded. The juxtaposing of ethereal guitars and the moving pulse of the beat really envelopes you in such a moving way.

Their voices in tandem carry you through the each piece of this track as if an elegant string pulling through a portrait of somber beauty. There is a true sadness here, unlike the feigned angst indie music has often employ. There is is a reflection of genuine hurt here and it is giving me all sorts of feels.

I need to feel good for one day but I admit the omens don’t seem to favor me as of late, try to reflect bits of in but end up drowning in the shade…. till I forgot how your voice sounds saying my name.

Captivating as it is heartbreaking. Just, beautiful.

Boston Marriage is absolutely ascending to new heights with “Know You Were.” All I can say is that I cannot wait to hear what they have as a follow up.


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