Bradley Walden Talks Warped Tour and the new Emarosa album, ‘131’

Photo: Chris Ramos
Photo: Chris Ramos

TAM: What do you think makes “131” stand out from your previous albums, especially “Versus”?

BW: I think the music speaks for itself. Versus is very anxious, strained and forced I feel. Which may have been the appropriate record to make at the time but ultimately it was a stepping stone to get to where we are now. 131 is effortless, flowing, strong. It stands on its own.

TAM: Did you all have a specific sound in mind when you started writing “131,” or did you write more without any boundaries or preconceived ideas?

BW: We absolutely wrote without boundaries. I think that’s easy to see with songs like Helpless & Blue being on the same record. Or One Car Garage and Porcelain.

TAM: What is the meaning behind the album cover for “131”? There seems to be an ongoing theme of using a fox ever since your self-titled album.

BW: The fox is ever-evolving just like this band. 131 is something that followed the band through this entire process, from birthdays to addresses. It named itself.

TAM: What was the reason that you all decided to sign with Hopeless Records? Was it because your previous contract was up, or something else?

BW: We fulfilled our contract and wanted to take a different path with our career. 

TAM: How has Warped Tour been going? Have you had any problems with specific cities in regards to your on-stage antics?

BW: No problems. Warped has been amazing for us as it was last year. People have learned we are the performance to see at Warped Tour. There are no limits or boundaries. It’s an experience and we are grateful for it.

TAM: What is the main theme in the music video for “Cloud 9”? What kind of story are you trying to tell?

BW: We like to leave that up to interpretation. Songs can mean so many things to so many people.

TAM: Are there any bands that all of you have been really into lately? Possibly one who’s live show you enjoy on Warped?

BW: Personally I love Sykes & Waterparks. There are some great bands on the tour but they stand on their own to me for different reasons.

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