Know Your Tone: Elders

“Know Your Tone” is a feature that spotlights the intricacies and processes musicians go through, to develop their unique sounds.

Name/Instrument: Jairo Munoz/Guitar


What is your current amp set-up?

Vox AC30. Keep it simple.


Describe the thought process and journey it took to find your unique sound?

I’ve always been a huge fan of a really clean tone and few amps do that better than an AC30. When cranked, it’s a monster. It can absolutely do it all and with my Fulltone OCD, it fits all of my needs. I used to run a Peavey Valveking 212 but the cleans were lacking and the distortion channels were muddy so that didn’t last very long.


Tell us about your current pedalboard set-up:

Guitar > Polytune 2 > OCD > NS-2 Noise Suppressor > AC30

FX in > Boss GE7 Equalizer > Boss PH3 Phase Shifter > Digitech Whammy V > TC Electronics Flashback x4 > Way Huge Supa Puss > FX out


Do you prefer a lot of pedals or a few?

I love making noise. The more pedals I have, the more noise I can make.


What is your thought process behind your pedal board and what does it do for your sound?

My pedal board has fluctuated a but in terms of reverbs and delays, but the whammy, phaser, and OCD are permanently on my board. As a huge Radiohead and The Fall of Troy fan, having the ability to mess with my sound and get it as far away from sounding like a guitar as possible is one of the most fun aspects of running a board. The OCD gives me the right amount of gain and distortion without ever getting muddy. The more noise I can make, the better!


Is there anything that you have gotten rid of that you regret parting with?

I’ve gotten rid of a few pedals and while I don’t particularly miss the sounds I would get out of them, I do miss owning them. Pedals are my favorite thing to collect and I know more than likely I’ll end up buying everything I’ve sold, which includes an EHX Holy Stain, an EHX Micro Q-tron, and a TCE Flashback among others.


Who/what inspired your current sound?

The Fall of Troy, Radiohead, and Dance Gavin Dance are easily the 3 biggest inspirations behind my setup. The Fall of Troy is the whole reason I bought my phaser as that’s what’s used for the noise build in Sledgehammer. Being able to make all those cool ray gun effects and massive noise swells is what really got me into pedals entirely. Radiohead, on the other hand, is all about pedals taking parts to new heights and really filling out the sound to make things as big as possible. That’s where my delays and Whammy come in. Dance Gavin Dance is stylistically a huge influence on me and pointed me in the right direction on how to blend everything together with their massive range of styles.


If you could change one thing about your current set-up, what would it be?

There’s no reverb on my board, which to me is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. No board is ever complete without a solid reverb. I would also change out the speakers in my AC30. I currently have Greenbacks installed and would like to swap them out for Reapers.


What is your favorite piece of gear that you own?

At this point in time, it’s a toss up between my Supa Puss and my Fender Telecaster. It’s a MIM, but with all the electronics swapped out, a nitro finish, and upgraded hardware it’s one of my favorite guitars I’ve ever played. The Supa Puss is one of my favorite delays as well. Since it’s analog, it’s much warmer and full of life than a digital delay. With the feedback knob and divisions, it can go from beautiful repeats and almost reverb like settings to just straight up noise and infinite sustain. Perfect for closing out a set!


What is your favorite piece of gear that you don’t own YET?

I’ve really been digging the Matthews Effects Astronomer and that’s definitely on my wish list. Chase Bliss pedals are also incredible and the Warped Vinyl is probably one of the only chorus pedals I could ever see myself buying. Typically, chorus is bad and should’ve been left behind in the 80’s but that pedal is something else.

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