Know Your Tone: Colton Bartholet of Rival Choir

“Know Your Tone” is a feature that spotlights the intricacies and processes musicians go through, to develop their unique sounds.


Colton Bartholet – Bass

What is your current amp set-up? 

Orange AD200b MKIII

Describe the thought process and journey it took to find your unique sound?

There wasn’t really a crazy process for me. I jumped around amps, pedals, instruments, and such until I found what I liked and stuck with it. I think you should always branch out and break your comfort zone to find the right tone that you have been looking for.

Tell us about your current pedal board set-up:

I run a Line6 G30 wireless – GoGo Tuner – Tech21 Sansamp Programmable DI – Way Huge Green Rhino – Boss NS2. All of that is powered by Voodoo Lab’s Power Plus 2 on a Pedaltrain PT1.

Do you prefer a lot of pedal or a few?

I prefer just a few. I don’t want to completely overdue it because I don’t use a lot of effects, but I would like to experiment with different pedals in the future.

What is your thought process behind your pedal board and what does it do for your sound?

I’m very simple in the aspect of I just plug and play. I want to let my amp do all the work. As far as my sound, I love my Sansamp, but there are better drivers out there. My Green Rhino gives me just enough overdrive without cutting my low end out.

Is there anything that you have gotten rid of that you regret parting with?

My Ampeg SVT-Classic. End of story.

Who/what inspired your current sound? 

Sergio from Deftones is someone who I have always appreciated as a player and for his tone, plus other artists over the years but he was my main source.

If you could change one thing about your current set-up, what would it be? 

I would like to get a new cabinet and some different/more pedals. Very happy with my current amp and instruments.

What is your favorite piece of gear that you own?

My Reverend basses are completely fantastic. I think they are my favorite things I own. It has been a while since I have had a couple of instruments that I have been excited to play every time.

What is your favorite piece of gear that you don’t own YET?

It would be very exciting to one day own an old Fender Telecaster bass or an old Gibson Grabber. Those basses have always stuck out to me and if I get a few thousand dollars or a really generous person, I would love to collect them.

Check out their video for their latest song, “House Fire.”

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