Anthem Music TV Live Sessions: The Mayfair

Anthem Music TV Live Sessions presents The Mayfair performing tracks from his debut EP, “Glass House” and “Never Saw This Coming” followed by an in-depth interview about his process recording the album and plans for the future.

About The Mayfair

Sebastian Quintero is a child of music, through and through. Getting his first big taste of performing in 2013 by joining the metal group “Illuminate Me” (of Tragic Hero Records), Quintero flourished, garnering a following of his own as they traveled the national circuit, and earning a sponsorship with Truth Drums along the way. In 2015, the group ended, while Quintero ambitiously worked on a music project of his own, where he wrote, recorded and produced everything himself. This became called “THE MAYFAIR”, which was followed by an EP titled, “This is Love and Letting Go”.
Upon the initial release, it became very clear that Sebastian found his forte, falling in love with music even further and excelling at the technical aspects of songwriting.

Wasting no time, Quintero’s zest for creation led to his second foray into writing, bringing him to work with Aaron Gillespie (of Underoath, The Almost and Paramore) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Taking a more refined approach at crafting a compelling, emotionally charged release, the collaboration with Gillespie led to an extremely unique sound. They were able to capture something that elicited such intimacy and take it to a whole new level, which could be described as “wholeheartedly pulling you in as a listener”.
The result was the record “Glass House” available for streaming on his website

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