Trick or treat! A quick Halloween playlist for you

With Halloween quickly approaching,  I wanted to put together my favorite Halloween themed tracks. Your gonna see some you know and maybe one or two that you haven’t heard. Some are originals, others are covers that I think are more suited to my taste. Lets take a look at my Halloween playlist.


Halloween – All Hallows EP

One of my favorite bands covering The Misfits’ quintessential Halloween song. There is everything you need a haunted song to be, all wrapped up in a fun punk beat hand delivered by the despair faction themselves. What more do youwant?

Oingo Boingo

Weird Science – Dead Man’s Party

Less spooky and more of a fun party track, this 80s hit is caked in all of the cheesiness of the decade. Super synth, over reverberated drums and a tight brass section makes this song come alive.

A Thorn for Every Heart

Dead Man’s Party – Punk Goes 80s

Passing on Oingo Boingo’s original version from the same album as “WeirdScience,” A Thorn For Every Heart captured the essence of the song, with the wavering vocal from singer Kelvin Cruz and the well produced instrumentation of the song.

Marilyn Manson

This is Halloween – Nightmare Revisited

Dialing his signature creepy-as-shit style, king of strange Marilyn Manson lent his expertise to the tribute to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just like the characters in the film, everyday is Halloween for Manson. Vocal effects,  well done character voicings and his nu-metal instrumentation is fitting for the strange he aims to capture.


Maxwell Murder – …And Out Come The Wolves

Any song about Jack the Ripper is perfect for Halloween shenanigans, but that bass solo from Matt Freeman is more treat than trick and is probably the best thing you’ll get for Halloween as an adult


But if I had to pick one, it would be “Saturday Night,” off of Famous Monsters. Really though, just look at the album art, you know that these are the guys for your Halloween fix. Punk, rockabilly, dark and macabre with a flare for fun. They have songs about aliens, zombies, murders and crazy doctors, quite literally the stuff of horror movies.

There’s my list. It’s fun, not too serious and a great little playlist for your Halloween mixer at the office, where three different ladies are dressed up as Harley Quinn. Happy Halloween guys!

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