Illinois based indie quartet Tiny Kingdoms releases second EP “I’ll Wait Around” STREAM IT NOW!

Based out of Illinois, indie quartet Tiny Kingdoms is poised to be one of the breakout groups of the year. Following their incredibly well done EP Stay, Tiny Kingdoms is putting out a much more relaxed acoustic EP I’ll Wait Around, released through Whelmed Records and streaming exclusively here at The Anthem Music.

Keeping with their heartfelt and honest approach, Tiny Kingdoms is writing at a caliber far above and beyond your average indie band, especially mainstream acts. Stripling away drums, amplifiers and the temptation to layer and layer parts in a full band mix, I’ll Wait Around offers a breathtakingly simple approach and allowing Tiny Kingdoms to develop full sounding tracks with minimal instrumentation.

Releasing “Odds,” as a single, these guys present a little more into the mix, with minor percussion and a wonderful wind-instrument ensemble. A fun, stripped down, upbeat track easily stands above the other three tracks on the EP due to its pop-punk inspired nature. Nico Miura nails the vocals through the short song, keeping the intensity under wraps but teasing the strong emotional drive behind his restraint.

Earlier this year, Tiny Kingdoms told the world “Hey, we are a solid rock band,” with Stay and with I’ll Wait Around, they are telling us that even though they can be that fin, exciting rock band, they can also be that chill and relaxing sound that you can vibe to on a rainy day. They may be a tiny kingdom, but they are building an empire with their sound and they should definitely be on your radar going into the new year.

Stream I’ll Wait Around, tell your friends about Tiny Kingdoms and try not to fall in love too hard with these honest-to- goodness Midwestern boys.

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