Five Tracks for your Existential Crisis

Another week, another existential crisis accompanied by some sweet tunes and salty tears. You stare off into nothing and contemplate the deep thoughts in your brain and if everything matters, or if nothing matters. Here are some songs that help me get through the week.

5. Moose Blood – Knuckles

England’s finest in Emo/Pop-Punk, Moose Blood, released their new LP Blush on August 5th, 2016. My personal favorite track “Knuckles,” sums up this incredible band in about three minutes and forty five seconds. Starting off with a very simple guitar riff over a somewhat dancey drum beat, this song brings me back to middle school when everything was easy. In comes the catchy chorus accompanied by mood setting  chords, making you want to do nothing but dance along, singing every word. Definitely one of Moose Blood’s more upbeat and feel good songs, landing “Knuckles” on this list.

4. Turnover – New Scream

The second track off of Virginia band Turnover’s newest LP Peripheral Vision, “New Scream”  is an upbeat track with a smooth and calm sound, accompanied by very deep lyrics that make you want to light a candle and cuddle up with your pillows. Much different than Turnover’s previous LP Magnolia, Peripheral Vision is driven by more of a cleaner and almost twinkly tone that definitely brings them further from the pop punk band they were. I highly recommend this record, specifically this song, to anyone looking to lay down and zone out for a few hours.

3. Henrietta – Few Friends

Orlando’s own Henrietta released their newest record Paper Wings in late April of 2016. “Few Friends” being the last song on the record, is also the only acoustic song on this release. Being one of the most emotional tracks on this record, it is no doubt the perfect closer for such a stellar piece of music. If you’re a sap for acoustic jams, this is definitely the song for you. If you’re not into acoustic music, the rest of Paper Wings is absolutely fantastic, and I highly recommend that you check it out.

2. Microwave – Mansion in the Sky

One of the best upcoming band’s in the genre, Microwave, released their newest LP Stovall back in the prehistoric days of 2014. Gearing up for their new release Much Love on September 30th, I figured this Atlanta rock outfit was worth mentioning. The first time I heard “Mansion in the Sky” I was instantly hooked, with their perfect blend of Emo, Rock n’ Roll and Pop Punk, Microwave truly has found the sound that I’ve been looking for. Stovall is out now and you should it add it to your playlist immediately.

1. A Will Away – Play Dead

The first track off of Bliss, A Will Away’s newest EP is sure to hook you along to listen to the rest of the record. With some of the most incredible guitar tones I’ve heard in the genre, and one of the best vocalists in the game, A Will Away blew me away with Bliss. “Play Dead” specifically, portrays one of the best examples of a sad rock band, Matt Carlson’s beautiful vocals mixed in with impeccable musicianship is something that cannot be replicated. If you’re a fan of pop punk, or just rock in general A Will Away is the band for you.

Here’s a Spotify playlist with all of these songs!

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