Carry The Flame Tour hits Chicago

By: Meredith Henderson

Invent, animate kicked off the show

Initially the band wasn’t going to be able to make the show due to complications, but thankfully they made it. Invent, Animate were the underdogs of the lineup and although it was sold out only about half the crowd was there which was a bummer because this band always performs really well, but it is Chicago so many might of missed them because of traffic. Anyway i’ve always enjoyed seeing this band as they reminds me a lot of an old school Nortlane mixed with Erra and if either of those two bands peak your interest I highly recommend checking this band out. With their most recent release “Stillworld” they are climbing on bigger tours and festivals as deserved with the quality of both their studio work / live standings. Invent, Animate kicked off the show with their song “Darkbloom” followed by some older stuff off their record “Everchanger” including the fan favorite “Naturehold” and “Nocturne: Lost Faith”, the people that were there seemed to be getting into it very heavily, if you decide on going to this tour make sure you come early to support this band, I see them really making a big splatter in the year 2017.

Then came Fit For An Autopsy;

They were kind of the odd men out on this lineup, but they have their hardcore fans here in Chicago that is for sure. They opened up with “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” and that’s what it was, hell. Fit For An Autopsy brought the heavy and the crowd picked up the pace. The performance consisted of intricate melodic guitar work, head banging drum patterns, and monstrous vocal parts from vocalist Joe Badolato. I’ve seen this band in the past, but this time around it was different since they are gearing up to release a new album titled “The Great Collapse” March 17th, 2017 which you all should check out by the way. They live debuted two songs off that record “Heads Will Hang” and “Iron Moon” which made me super excited to listen / purchase the rest of the album. Fit For An Autopsy had a darker vibe than everybody else on the bill in the best way possible, from where I was standing the crowd seemed to enjoy them and most of the front runners knew the lyrics.

Followed up by Fit For A King;

They opened with a newer song “Pissed off” off their album “Deathgrip” that was released in 2016 and they really brought the energy. Everything about this band had me hooked, the lights shifted from a dark purple to a mix of bright orange / light red and it set the mood for everyone to just lose it. The pit broke out almost instantly and not too far into the set people started to crowd surf excessively. Their setlist was a good mix of their current / previous material including the fan favorites “Hollow King” and “Slave To Nothing”. You can tell a lot of the crowd was very excited for Fit For A King and really was placed wonderfully in the lineup. Vocalist Ryan Kirby nailed every vocal part which can be hard to find this day and age, with addition to movement and interacting with the audience he never missed a beat, along with the rest of the band. They definitely made new fans after that performance.

Next was Emmure;

This was the second time Emmure would be playing in Chicago with newest members guitarist Josh Travis (ex Glass cloud / Tony Danza Tap-dance Extravaganza), bassist Phil Lockett (ex The Tony Danza Tap-dance Extravaganza), and drummer Josh Miller (ex Glass cloud) and right before they drop their newest album “Look At Yourself” that releases March 3rd, 2017. The hype was honestly real, as someone who has seen Emmure multiple times beforehand, this performance had a totally different feel to it. The sample to their song “Bring A Gun To School” started and all the lights were down, everyone was locked into a gaze, about 30 seconds in Frankie came out and the crowd went wild almost instantly. EMMURE not only had a tasteful light show, but never shorted the audience of energy. The band looked liked they were into it the whole performance and never led up in crowd participation. Their setlist mainly consisted of songs off of EMMURE’s 2014 release “Eternal Enemies” followed by live debuts of “Russian Hotel Aftermath”, and “Flag Of The Best” they also played “Torch” which was the first song to premiere off their upcoming 2017 release. EMMURE had some older songs included in their set “Sunday Bacon”, “4 Poisons, 3 words”, “I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper”, and then closed the show with “Children Of Cybertron” off their 2011 release “Speaker Of The Dead”. Personally I was impressed with the new lineup and the performance in its entirety and the crowd seemed to be as well. I can’t wait to see where this new album takes EMMURE because I can’t see them going anywhere but up at this point.

Lastly After The Burial;

This was the first time i’ve seen a sold out headliner by After The Burial, as the last time I saw this band come through was 2016 with Born Of Osiris & Veil Of Maya for the “10 Year Tour” which was also sold out at the “Bottom Lounge” in Chicago, IL. Every time I see this band the members are endearing, has a very easy stature about them which is one of the reasons I keep coming back to support. After The Burial wasn’t pulling any punches with their setlist, they opened up with back to back favorites “Lost In The Static” and “Collapse” off their newest record “Dig Deep” which was the band’s first release since the death of guitarist Justin Lowe. Everyone in the crowd was moving around, crowd surfing, screaming back the words, and just having a great time from what I could see right off the bat. Vocalist Anthony Notarmaso quickly interacted with the crowd after a few songs & in a non script sense talking about hockey, about the Blackhawks beating the Sharks since that’s his team and it showed that even though they’re the main reasons as to why there’s a packed house, he’s humble and noticeably real. After The Burial made sure to make this setlist special for the fans including some old tracks” “Pi (The Mercury God Of Infinity)”, “A Steady Decline”, “Fingers Like Daggers” off their first release “Forging A Future Self” and “Berzerker” and “Cursing Akhenaten” off their second release “Rareform”. After The Burial made sure to have a little bit of everything from their past records. The lights were as impeccable as their performance was and I honestly was mesmerized with the quality of the stage show. They ended the night with their popular track “Wolf Amongst Ravens” and that was the go ahead for the crowd screaming and insisting for more even after they just played a lengthy setlist. The band gave the crowd what they wanted and played an old hit “Aspiration” which was one of the first songs i’ve heard from the band. After The Burial certainly went out with a bang and at the end of the show I was certainly satisfied with the overall setup of the tour.

If “The Carry The Flame” tour is rolling through your city I would recommend attending, this is a tour you wouldn’t wanna miss.

Check out the gallery from the concert! Photos by: Meredith Henderson

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