From Indian Lakes/Bad Suns: The Heartbreaker Tour

By: Brian McCain

The Heartbreaker Tour sets sail for it’s opening night on Tuesday, February 28th out of Salt Lake City.

Hitting the road with headliner, Bad Suns, From Indian Lakes opened things up and the pulse of the crowd could be felt throughout the entire venue as they sang along. From Indian Lakes worked their way through all of the fan favorites from older albums and then finished off with a a few songs from the album that has really put them on the map, their most recent “Everything Feels Better Now”.   From Indian Lakes is quickly establishing themselves an Northern California’s finest and becoming a household name in the Indie Rock genre.

They finished off the set thanking everyone and mentioning, “We are From Indian Lakes and We are From Indian Lakes, California”

Finishing out the night was the headliner, Bad Suns.  Most casual fans will recognize the song that has helped them climb the ladder to millions of Spotify plays and gracing your cars radio on a normal occurrence, Cardiac Arrest. It’s the collection of songs though that they have under their belt that really seems to separate themselves as s band that is pulling their sound from nostalgia and drawing inspiration from rock bands from the 70’s and 80’s. Bad Suns seems to be making their mark as a band that could have existed at any point in the last 40 years with their unique yet familiar sound.

Check out the gallery of photos from the show! (Photos: Brian McCain)

Bad Suns

From Indian Lakes

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