ARCHITECTS, Stray From The Path “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” Tour

By: Meredith Henderson


Another sold out show for Chicago, but this time it was for the “ALL OUR GODS HAVE ABANDONED US” tour.

Make them suffer opened up the show, following up their last US visit in 2016 with August Burns Red this was their 2nd time embarking to the states. They kicked off the show with their popular hit “Widower” and they immediately electrified the crowd. One thing I noticed though is that Louisa Burton (vocalist, keyboardist) was not with the band, but even with a missing element Make Them Suffer pulled it off incredibly well. The audience was engaged, fired up, and losing their minds to the Australian metal band. Their setlist was composed of the heaviest songs off their albums “Old Souls” and “Neverbloom” then closing out with their most popular track “Blood Moon” the band sure ended things on a good note.

Stray From The Path

Long Island’s very own hit the stage next and an outbreak of madness flood through the audience when the band opened up with their hit song “Outbreak” off their newest album “Subliminal Criminals”. Angry and juvenile Stray From The Path never fails to reel me in with every performance; heavy, energetic, catchy, and funky, I couldn’t find anyone that was disinterested. Stray’s setlist consisted of mainly tracks off “Subliminal Criminals”, but they threw an old song “Negative And Violent” off of their album “Make Your Own History” in the mix; with a twist, Vocalist Drew York explained they were shooting a music video so he wanted to have at least 25 people crowd surf, this pushed the crowd to really exert all of their energy and as requested; an abundance of people were being tossed up to the stage throughout the entire song. The band then followed up with “Snap”, “The House Always Wins” their newest song released back in November 2016 that describes how the odds are stacked against the ordinary citizen when it comes to politics / the election itself and  “D.I.E.P.I.G.” which conveys the band’s disgust with sexual predators. The band isn’t afraid to express what they stand for which makes it easy to engage further into the performance. Closing out their setlist with popular song “First World Problem Child” Stray From The Path made this show well worth it and the headliner didn’t even start yet.


This was Architects first show in Chicago since 2014 when they rolled through with Every Time I Die, The Ghost Inside, and more on the Violent Gentleman tour, with the intention of coming back to North America summer of 2016, Architects was forced to cancel their tour due to a family emergency that eventually led to guitarist Tom Searle’s passing, so you know not only this tour would be special, but this show would be one for the books. British Metalcore outfit opened the show with the first two tracks off their newest album “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us”; “Nihilist” and “Deathwish” throughout the entire performance the light show made it very hard to look away even for a moment. Colorful and sporadic, the artistic set of the performance was intense and mesmerizing. Architects played a solid 15 song set that included “Dead Man Talking”, “C.A.N.C.E.R”, “The Devil Is Near”, “Gravedigger”, “Naysayer” off the bands 2014 release Lost Forever // Lost Together, an older track titled “These Colours Don’t Run” off their 2012 release “Daybreaker” and 8 songs off their album “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” including the hits “A Match Made In Heaven” and “Gone With The Wind”. Architects set was emotional, raw, endearing, pure, radiant and showcased every reason why they are one of the best Metalcore bands out there today. Don’t question attending a date of this tour I talked to someone that drove 11 hours just to see them and they were extremely pleased with their decision.

This wasn’t just a concert, it was an experience, and one hell of a ride.

Check out the photo gallery shot by Meredith Henderson! 

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