Steel Panther Live at House of Blues Dallas

Review and photos by: Faye Fetters

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I went to see Steel Panther and Junk at House of Blues. Sure, I had heard that Steel Panther was a parody band but I had also heard that they’re actually really good. When I first arrived I was taken aback by the sea of fake leather pants, David Coverdale look alikes, leopard print clothing, and mullets. This was most certainly the type of show where “rocker dads” go and hang out. Overall it smelled like sweat, middle age, and cheap beer.

Junk was the opener for the evening. They felt too gimmicky for my taste, with the Zoro style face mask, chain mic stand, and the tight skull print pants. A friend of mine said that they could benefit from having someone help them out with their look and style, and I agree. They’re rough around the edges, not bad but not a band that stands out either. Just your typical rock and roll three piece from Dallas.

Finally Steel Panther took the stage and proceeded to show why people adore them. They’re actually really good both musically and with their showmanship. Every member neatly fits into a stereotype associated with big haired metal music, eg. the bass player being “girly”. Musically? They’re very talented at what they do. The crowd ate every single song and off color joke up, I don’t think I’ve heard words like “sperm”, “pussy”, and “fuck” used with such abandon at a show made up of mostly middle age men. Half of the show consisted of on stage banter amongst themselves and with the crowd. The other half of the show was spent playing music. Overall, it was an experience. Steel Panther knows how to work shock value and nostalgia to their benefit, whilst also putting on a great show.

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