Interview: Philly Trio ‘Civil Youth’

We got the chance to sit down with Civil Youth and Talk to them about their music, and what’s to come for the Phily Trio.

TAM: Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing?
CY: When I’m writing lyrics [Mike] I usually like to get inspired from anything. It’s a tough question because I love getting inspired from books, music, films, conversations I have with people or literally just anything. There’s too much out there to ignore! As for the music, me and Evan are really just honest with ourselves and write stuff we like to hear.

TAM: What’s the message you try to convey through your music?
CY: We want to let people know they’re not alone. It’s cliche and every band’s mantra, but music has saved our lives and we want to pass that forward. For people with mental illnesses, it can be tough to just “move forward” and we want to be able to put into words and music that feeling of a safe haven.

TAM: What’s your favorite tour you’ve been on?
CY: The Migration Tour. We brought so many of our friends on that tour and I’m not sure how we didn’t die…

TAM: Tell us about a memorable moment from one of your recent tours.
CY: Having Brokencyde (probably not the correct spelling) open for us. The whole night was weird. Long story short, we have Brokencyde’s pants in our trailer.

TAM: Tell us about the meaning behind the bands name.
CY: It derived from the Civil Defense movement where people would be provided a safe house in the event of nuclear fallout during war back in the 50’s. This was something we wanted to emulate, but in the context of your own mind.

TAM: Civil Youth is getting ready to release their 3rd studio album in May 2017. What was the recording process like?
CY: It was long, tedious, but fun. When you’re putting your ideas down and making them come to life, nothing really can describe that sense of pride, but when you’re perfectionist like us, the process can get monotonous. In the end it’s always worth it. Between writing the record and physically recording, it took about 12 months.

TAM: What do you think your fans take from the message of your music?
CY: The idea of not being alone and that this whole thing is really more than a band, but a family. We really see that in people when we get to know them.

TAM: Whats the future for Civil Youth? Any upcoming tours?
CY: To keep pushing for the top. We’re being careful which routes we take and it’ll all be for the best! 2017 will be our year.

Make sure to grab a copy of their upcoming 3rd studio album, ‘Coversations’ out May 19th, 2017!

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