New Found Glory: 20 Years of Pop Punk

Photo: Chris Ramos Photo: Chris Ramos

By: Ryan Camuto
Photo: Chris Ramos

Celebrating 20 years with their latest tour, New Found Glory really does set the standard when it comes to what a punk show should be. The amount of raw energy that they pack onto the stage isn’t just a feeling, but rather a physical force that made Revolution pulsate from the second they sounded the first chord and lasted for hours after they finished as Emo Night kept the tears and nostalgia flowing all night in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

When NFG comes down, it is a completely different experience than when other notable acts travel south. This was a homecoming in every sense of the word. Not only are they hometown heroes, but they played their two biggest albums Sticks and Stones and Catalyst. These are albums that I heard as a young buck with delusions of my own rock and roll dreams but thinking that since the guys from Coral Springs, only five minutes away did it then I can too.

A worry of mine going into the show was that it would seem ingenuine, that since these songs are just so established and NFG has steadily rotated them through the years that there would be little behind their performance, that they would just be going through the motions.


I actually almost feel ashamed as I reflect on that night for even thinking that. Every song was just as impactful now as it had ever been. Actually, each song hit HARDER because of the fact that these songs were seminal in the career of one of the best things to ever come from my hometown. Knowing that these songs were not only crafted just a few miles away from my own home but that they launched two decades of success and inspiration filled my body with joy, excitement and gratitude for the Kings of Pop Punk.

Chad kept the crowd absolutely pumps from beginning to end as NFG blared through hits “All Downhill from Here,” “Failure’s Not Flattering,” “The Story So Far,” and much more, saving their most iconic track (and arguably their breakout song) “My Friends Over You,” for the closing of their encore. A perfect performance that not only captured my youth but also reignited my own love for live concerts. The high of the show didn’t dwindle as the evening progressed into Emo Night Brooklyn, which offers the best of 90s and 2000s heartthrob music, including New Found Glory & their peers.

Without a single flaw to the evening, NFG came through, tore down the house and reminded us why they are one of the first names that comes to mind when Pop-Punk comes up in conversation. Be sure to keep an eye out for them as they continue their 20 Years of Pop Punk Tour because it will be gone and it’s a while until their 40 Years of Pop Punk Tour

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