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West Palm Beach is slowly becoming more and more known for its involvement with the mid-level National acts and rightfully so. A burgeoning art district and an incredibly supportive scene has become the foundation for acts that are grinding out the touring circuit and carving their names for themselves in all the right ways. The Kelsey Theatre in Lake Park is certainly playing its part in bringing these top-notch acts down to South Florida for solid shows. Most recently, Have Mercy graced us with their presence as they were joined by Real Friends and Tiny Moving Parts. Now, none of these bands aregreen by any stretch of the means and even though they don’t garner the biggest of spotlights, each act wholeheartedly deserves it.

The night kicked off with Broadside and the audience made it clear that they were not just casual listeners, but rather die-hard fans. This seems to be the gist of the newer pop-punk scene. You don’t have the fair-weather support that some of the more nostalgic acts have. These fans are die-hard through and through, with reason as each band killed it and the show was a solid 10 from beginning to end.

Now, while I was excited for Tiny Moving Parts & Real Friends respectively, I was there for one of my favorite new bands. I say new because they are newer to me and I think Have Mercy might be my favorite new group that I have found over the last few years. On tour in support of their latest album Make the Best of it, they made sure to hit all the best songs like singles “Coexist,” and “Good Christian Man,” (for an album review, head to our site and check out what we thought of the whole release).

Swindle’s vocals translate so fantastically live that it is hard to not get caught up in the emotive lyrics and punctuated raspiness. As the went through their set, they didn’t forget about fan favorites “The Place You Love,” Or “Let’s Talk About Your Hair.” It was my favorite performance of the night and I know that soon they will transcend the support slot and headline limitless tours across the globe. I wished their set was a little long as they were second to last, but with a four-act bill on weeknight, something can only happen in dreams.

As the night progressed Tiny Moving Parts put on a mathy clinic of fun punky passion, opening with “Good Enough,” the first song from there latest album Celebrate. Their performance really tied in their intricate math-rock segments seamlessly with the feeling of a punk rock show that set the tone for the rest of their set. Splitting their set between Celebrate and Pleasant Living, TMP hit all the hits, closing out with “Dakota,” off their first album This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship.

Real Friends headlined the show, this is their tour after all and there is no question about their fanbase. As I mentioned, this show was on a weeknight and it was still just about packed. Their passionate performance incorporated all their records and was truly a sing-a- long with the fans. It seems that everyone knew every single word, anticipate the new song and keeping the vibe of The Kelsey Theatre at 100 for Real Friends, who played for over an hour, which is a long time for any band, especially one as energetic as these Fearless Records mainstays.

Overall, this was a bill that could tour together forever and will always have an awesome turnout and even better show. The chemistry between all the acts sonically proved to be a perfect match, with TMP’s mathiness, Have Mercy’s rawness and the pop-punk goodness of Real Friends tying the whole night off with a bow. This show was the punctuated announcement that the Summer concert season has hit the ground running and I cannot wait to see who else comes to town.

Photos: Emily Evans


Have Mercy

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