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Right now, Every Time I Die and Taking Back Sunday are on one helluva tour together and they brought New Jersey’s best kept secret with them, Modern Chemistry.

Now, I know they aren’t a household name anymore (does anyone even use that phrase anymore?) but according to their Facebook page they are “going to sell out,” and you know what? They ain’t wrong. For real, just listen to any of their releases (they have three, all on their SoundCloud linked below) and you’ll see what I mean. Last year, they put out a few songs produced by Adam Lazzara (Yes, THAT Adam Lazzara) and in just a few days they are releasing a full length, Everything In Gold.

So far, we’ve only heard two of the songs (the release has eleven), include title track “Everything in Gold,” and Tripping Over You.” Here’s what you should know:

“Everything in Gold” is a very moody and sauntering number that walks itself into the door and just takes over the room. It slowly fills up space, building around towards the tail end into a nice soundscape that pounds in the emotion. As what will serve as the opening track, it does an exemplary job getting me ready to hear more.

The second track they have put out ahead of their July 7th, 2017 release date is “Tripping Over You,” a solid single that showcases Modern Chemistry’s style. This is alternative rock sifted through a moody emo netting. With the intentional simplicity of the rhythm the song creates, each voice is allowed space to breath and open up, not just Joe Zorzi’s vocals but also the tightly crafted timbre that the lead guitars use to accent his vocal delivery. I really love the way these guys write and they are quickly climb up higher in my favorite band list.

TLDR: Stop what you are doing and listen to the discography of Modern Chemistry



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