Album Review: Joyride./Blue French Horn Split


Being part of the South Florida music scene is often an extremely rewarding experience as there is always something new being released and the community support behind these releases is always wonderful.

Joyride, the solo project of Eric Snow (who you may remember as a former contributor to The Anthem Music, or from his other group Mt. Chill, has just released a split EP with Blue French Horn and in its stripped-down nature, Snow shines brightly. My concern with acoustic releases usually centers around the idea that it always runs the risk of feeling empty, but it seems that Snow has specifically taken that into consideration as he compliments his chords with airy lead lines and tunings.

Vocally, Snow offers his own superbly executed harmonies, group exchanges and extremely realistic lyrics that clearly related directly to his own life and isn’t that the point of writing heartfelt music? To be honest, to be concise and to just be real?

It’s a short listen but it’s such a solid appetizer for Joyride. Here’s hoping that his future releases continue the honesty and charm that this EP has established.

The second half of the split is Blue French Horn which unlike Joyride, is a full band effort. Taking their name from How I Met Your Mother is instant points in my book (HIMYM is one of my favorite shows, fight me)! Now, even though there is a clear difference between Joyride and BFH’s offering (one being acoustic), the two pair very well stylistically. Nick Collis from BFH keeps that raw delivery that we heard on the first half of the split and the lyrics, although equally as honest, are presented in what I feel is a more traditional sense as opposed to the confessional nature of Joyride.

Stylistically though, each act sort of fits into the same emo-indie umbrella, but on opposite sides of that spectrum. Joyride is, once again, stripped down with nothing but a guitar and a sad-boy whereas Blue French Horn has an entire line-up of sad-boys working together, with each instrument acting as its own unique voice. Each side is a solid 9/10 and I look forward to hearing more releases from each, but am super excited for a little more Joyride in my life (sorry BFH, Eric the Snowman is the best!)

The Joyride/ Blue French Horn Split is on Bandcamp Here and it’s only five bucks (which is less than your daily Starbucks, I know that for a fact):

And you can follow both Joyride and Blue French Horn at the links below.


Blue French Horn

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