Album Review: The Nearly Deads – Revenge of the Nearly Deads


Nashville based quintet The Nearly Deads should be on your radar as they gear up to release Revenge of the Nearly Deads, which I got to peep and HOT DAMN is it good. One part Hard Rock, A touch of Pop and every bit of kick-ass, The Nearly Deads are what alternative rock should be.

The album opens with a sauntering number, “As Good As It Gets,” which is a moody as can be, with singer Theresa Jeane belting out from the get go, accompanied at first by just a piano. The song invited in more of the orchestra as she asks if that is “as good as it gets,” but no, it gets better. With a solid crescendo to a huge overture, the rest of The Nearly Deads open into a larger than life power ballad.

Kicking of the ballad in rock and roll style, “Diamond in the Rough,” is a bonafide banger. The drums are gigantic, the guitars are beefy, the bass is driving. What else can I say about this song. Put it on blast, get more speakers turn it up even louder. Jeane’s voice sits atop the in your face instrumental, smoothing it our as the perfect counter balanced for the track. It makes sense that this is the single because It pulls you in immediately and doesn’t put you down for a second.

Opting for a sound a little more alternative rock ala “Evanescence-gone-pop,” Frequencies shows that The Nearly Deads can go from that Rock and Roll sound, to a more orchestrated number, with more atmospheric leads and symphonic accompaniment. Jeane operates the melodies like a conductor in both senses due to her masterfully command of her own range and the electricity that she injects into the song. Often, I find that the more range a singer opts to show in any one song, the less emotion they let seep through but that is far from the case here.

As the album progresses, I get the feeling that someone bet The Nearly Deads that they couldn’t take bring back the mid-2000s alternative rock sound that has basically disappeared (Three Days Grace, Evanescence etc.) and the Nashville quintet basically laughed in their face before going and writing this album. That is far from an insult because the fact that this sound has been absent for so long is what makes me to excited to hear it again. ”My Evil Ways,” and “Not Listening,” are hard rock with pieces of pop tossed in for good measure. The music is engaging and danceable but comes alive with the powerful delivery of Jeane it’s just too damn good to not blare through the stereo (do people still own stereos? Maybe those Bluetooth things).

Adding more mood to cap off the album, “Revenge,” is darker than the previous few songs, but retains that driving, heavy nature the album as established. Like I said, this is a resurgence of Alternative Rock and I’m all for it. The touch of nu-metal in the middle is a nice bit of flavor, but their sweet spot is the massive choruses, with shining leads and absolutely commanding vocals.

TLDR: The Nearly Deads are better than every single “alternative band” that has come out in the last five years.

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