Superhaunted Release New Video for “Sidewalks”


Coming out of Miami, Superhaunted is a tightly-crafted indie rock band that is chasing the super fun and simple sound made famous by emo progenitor’s Weezer but are far from imitating sound. Adding in some “math” inspired rhythms and leads throughout the track the juxtaposition of simple and complex is mirrored in their video, which is unique as their sound.

The image of the TV is interesting in that it reminds me of having something on at a very low volume, basically background noise and mishearing dialogue, which is reflected in the line “twisting my words into what you want to hear,” coupled with the fact that even though the TV is in every (or mostly every) shot, it is very much ignored. I could be reading too much into it, but it’s really adds some cool perspective to the song and the video and isn’t that the point?

TLDR: Superhaunted’s Video for “Sidewalks,” is really rad. I dig it!


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