EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Florence & Normandie Stream Their New LP, ‘Et. Alia’


If you’ve been struggling to find your ideal summer soundtrack for 2017, Florence & Normandie is here to save the day.

Mikey, Aj, and Panda teamed up with Chris Palowitch to bring us “Et. Alia”, the math rock album that’s been missing in our lives. The album kicks off with “Divide”, your new favorite song to listen to on your sunset drive home. Our hometown heroes included a vast array of guest vocalists into the mix who each add their own distinctive touch to the tracks and give the album a unique feeling of community and friendship that stands out above the rest.

Florence & Normandie attacks from all angles by including heavier jams like “168” and “I Only Ever Think of You” into the mix. Tempo changes and lyrical prowess are far from all this band has got to offer. Powerful dissonant guitars paired with screamed vocals close off the album and demonstrate that F & N is not just your average odd-meter indie rock band, but so much more.

You can start your summer fling with Florence & Normandie by checking out the exclusive stream of their new album “Et. Alia” below!

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