INTERVIEW: Zach Davidson of Vendetta Red


Vendetta Red are back! You may remember their song “Shatterday” which was released in 2003 and gained the band national recognition, reaching number 16 on the Alternative Songs Billboard chart. We had the chance to speak with Zach Davidson about the current state of the band and what’s to come.

TAM: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us! Tell us your name and what you do in the band?
ZD: Zach Davidson Founder and C.E.O. Currently spearheading our mergers and acquisitions department (Vendetta Red).

TAM: How long have you been a band for?
ZD: We started in November of 1998 so quite a long time now


TAM: Is there anything about the new album that will surprise old fans?
ZD: I think they will be surprised by the amount of blistering guitar solos and flying fingers of thrash metal that we are showcasing.

TAM: What would you say has changed the most about Vendetta Red since the release of the last album?
ZD: So much has changed for instance I am now married and have 2 little kids. Burke is married and the proud owner of 6 chickens, also I’m quite a bit fatter these days.


TAM: Have your expectations or approach changed over the last five years?
Yes my expectations are ore focused and enhanced by the things I can personally control and diminished and ignored by the things I cannot. So I choose to try and focus on the things I can change and do my best to ensure positive outcomes in all my endeavors.


TAM:  Being back in the studio after all these years must have brought back some great memories. What’s your all-time best studio story?
ZD: If i’m being honest my favorite studio memories don’t have anything to do with the music. I got to hang out with the Queens of the stone age guys and listen to the early mixes of their album era vulgaris before anybody else. That was pretty cool. I got to have sex in the vocal booth while recording sisters of the red death. Trying to get the vibe right you know?

TAM: We’re already expecting the new album later this year under Cleopatra Records, what’s next for Vendetta Red?
ZD: We need some good tours so if you know any booking agents that need a hard working band hook it up.


TAM: Who would you tour with in your ideal world?
ZD: U2


TAM: You’ve often described yourselves as outsiders. Do you expect this to change at all with your 2017 comeback?
ZD: Not really… I think there are more potential fans out there than ever before and I also think there are more easily offended people that will just not get it\. I guess we have the chance to make a million fans its just going to come down to exposure and association. I’m hoping some of these songs really connect with people who maybe have an open mind and great taste. Fingers crossed


TAM: In the past, you’ve commented about certain audiences’ lack of social consciousness. Do you think people’s perception of you has changed/will change with the recent rise of “political correctness” in the last few years?

ZD: Well the problem is we aren’t politically correct at all. In the past I have personally been very divisive and antagonistic in order to push my own political views on people. These days I’m much more concerned with showcasing these amazing tunes and letting the other stuff take a back seat for a bit. We’ll see.

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