New Album ‘Spirit / Wholes’ via Robotic Empire out today!

“…features (appropriately) hushed vocals from all four members, cooing over a messy, punk-sick shoegaze. It can, from songs that read as intimately as notes passed between friends, make for quite the harmony-riddled racket.” – NPR


Years in the making, D.C. shoegaze quartet Big Hush will finally release their debut album, Spirit/Wholes. The quartet, comprised of players from Pygmy Lush and Flasher, explores the intersections between harmony-laden melancholy, off-kilter punk, and cacophonous shoegaze.Listen to Spirit/Wholes a day ahead of its release via Music & Riots today.


Originally envisaged as two separate albums, the ten tracks featured on Spirit/Wholes were recorded throughout 2014 and 2015. Embodying the sonic evolution of a band that has flourished with time, each track sears through dense textures and cloying harmonies with a scalding clarity.


“Each new song is a reaction to the song written before it, and the space that song inhibits, each void created by one song is filled by the next, and so reveals a new void,” the band said of the album. “It’s funny how a lot of things in life tend to embody a reactionary nature, capitalism is dictated by market reactions, relationships evolve dictated on reactions to each other, the weather reacts to changes in currents and temperature.”


Spirit/Wholes is  out today via Robotic Empire.  Make sure to pick up a copy!


Big Hush is: Genevieve Ludwig, Owen Wuerker, Chris Taylor, and Emma Baker


Spirit/Wholes Track Listing: 
2. Pay To Play
3. Say Anything
4. Cold Shoulder
5. Cough
6. Walk On
7. Wholes
8. Honey
9. Wrong House
10. Where I End

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