Exclusive Stream: Indie Rock Quartet Migrate Release Debut Full Length, “Tapestry”


Alternative Indie quartet hailing from Boca Raton, FL released their debut full length album titled, “Tapestry”.

“Tapestry” is an album that has been a year and some months in the making. Most songs have been re-written twice. The songs on the album represent my [Travis’] struggles with anxiety, depression, and trying to find my place in society without constantly feeling awkward or unloved. It’s about my journey; from moving 1,000 miles away from my family, to discovering new relationships, to reconciling with the past that haunted me for years. The title, in turn, represents how I put all of these “pieces” of my life together in order to reflect on them and become the stronger person I am today.

Stream the album, “Tapestry” from South Florida’s Migrate here!


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