HOPESFALL Celebrates Arbiter Charting Success


#1 Top New Artist Albums
#13 Independent
#14 Top Rock
#17 Internet
#32 Digital
#41 Top Current Albums


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“Much like the album as a whole, [‘H.A. Wallace Space Academy’]

ebbs and flows with the larger-than-life riffs and brooding melodies

that Hopesfall fans grew to love…” – Loudwire


“With Arbiter, they pen a collection that rattles and hums through a series of peaks and 

valleys, ultimately offering a thoughtful transmission that is exactly what fans have 

been tuned into and craving for years.” – Cryptic Rock


“…it’s also a distillation, refinement and blend of everything 

that came before; an uplifting, radiant and engaging record that comfortably 

speaks to the potential of a bright future.” – Kill Your Stereo


Melodic hardcore legends Hopesfall are celebrating an incredibly successful first week after the release of their new album, Arbiter, available now via Graphic Nature / Equal Vision Records. Arbiter secured the #1 spot on the Top New Artist Albums Chart, as well as #13 Independent, #14 Top Rock, #17 Internet, #32 Digital, and #41 Top Current Albums. The album has been heralded online and in print by Loudwire, Alternative Press, Metal Injection, New Noise Magazine, and more. It is now available for streaming via Spotify and Apple Music, and purchased online at hopesfall.lnk.to/arbiter.

Hopesfall formed in 1998. Over the next decade, the band would undergo numerous line-up changes but always drew from the same core group of lifelong friends to source new members. The bond between the group was so strong that even after disbanding in 2008, guitarists Joshua Brigham and Dustin Nadler and drummer Adam Morgan continued to get together on Wednesday nights to work on new music despite having no plans to release it. It was during these jam sessions that the music that would eventually find its way onto Arbiter first began to take shape.

In 2012, Brigham and Morgan visited frontman, Jay Forrest, in Chicago culminating in the decision that Forrest would add vocals to the demos. The lineup for the band’s reformation would then be cemented in August of 2015 when bassist, Chad Waldrup, joined the group to see Hum and Failure. Still, the idea of putting out new music as Hopesfall wasn’t part of the plan. With the lineup complete, the band brought their demos to another trusted collaborator – producer Mike Watts (Glassjaw, Dillinger Escape Plan, O’Brother) whom they had worked with on two previous releases, Magnetic North and A Types. It was Watts who brought the demos to Dan Sandshaw and Will Putney of Graphic Nature / Equal Vision Records where the idea of releasing it as a Hopesfall record was finally discussed. A testament to the band’s hard-earned legacy, the famed label immediately jumped on the opportunity to release the project.


Arbiter has a decidedly unique bend to it, but Brigham points out that it is built off of the same principles as Hopesfall’s previous catalog – “big riffs and dark melodies.” Forrest adds that the driving message of Arbiter remains the same as well: “Hopes fall. Tragedies happen. But that doesn’t mean you should give up or not stay the course.”

Arbiter is out now via Graphic Nature / Equal Vision Records. It is at once a reminder of why Hopesfall has become so influential and a beacon of its continued evolution.

The band recently took to the stage for the first time since 2011 for three special sold out release shows – two at Brooklyn’s legendary Saint Vitus and one at Charlotte’s Neighborhood Theatre.



For More Information, please visit:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HopesfallOfficial

Twitter: www.twitter.com/hopesfall

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hopesfall

Arbiter Tracklisting:

1. Faint Object Camera

2. H.A. Wallace Space Academy

3. Bradley Fighting Vehicle

4. C.S. Lucky-One

5. Catapult

6. Tunguska

7. Aphelion

8. Drowning Potential

9. To Bloom

10. Indignation and the Rise of the Arbiter

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